Addition for Tim & Ann Rice,   Santa Monica Studio RCL
Project Team:   Sookja Lee,   Shinya Yamada
Structural Engineer:   Paul Franceschi
Photographs:   Mark Luthringer

View additional photographs:     Construction process

"Life with a garden view" is what the owners asked for. To this end, 60% of the original interior of this typical 1940's bungalow was stripped away.

A sharp steel frame cuts through the house from east to west, opening a long narrow slylight and bracing the gutted existing shell. A second frame slices horizontally 8 feet from the ground; fixed steel louvers describe a plane that stretches from the interior space to the exterior space and shades the south end of the building.

Douglass Fir doors are suspended in a grid of raw steel and glass that is the new southern facade. Tall sliding doors that frame the passage from inside to outside disappear as they pass upward through the virtual surface of steel louvers.